4 Tips for Shifting Your Perspective to Find Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is always an important habit to practice, but one that is especially important in times of chaos. When life feels a bit unbalanced and out of sorts, it becomes easier to focus on what’s going wrong over what’s going right. With all the change happening in the world daily, we want to encourage you to shift your perspective to find gratitude. It may not be your first instinct, but by actively working on it, we know we can find the good!

Here are four tips for shifting your perspective to find gratitude!

1. Write out your gratitude. Every day. There’s a reason this is imperative in our daily routines and a part of our Five to Thrive (see more about this here!). Slowing down to focus and hand-write what you’re thankful for puts things into perspective. Use the Start Today journal to get in this habit and stick to it!

2. Speak about your blessings. It’s easy (and tempting) to fall into a habit of drowning on about negatives. Once someone starts, everyone chimes in. Be the one who shows up with joy, chimes in with what you’re grateful for, and recognizes the gifts you’ve discovered during this time. 

3. Minimize your intake of news. The more negativity and uncertainty you’re consuming, the more it will affect you. If you find yourself spiraling out of control in your thoughts and unable to find the good, you may need to distance yourself from the news for a bit. We suggest setting boundaries on how often you’re checking and what outlets you’re going to. 

4. Move your body. Exercise gives you endorphins, which automatically boosts your mood! It may be difficult, but make it a priority to move your body for at least thirty minutes every day. It can be as simple as going for a walk with your family, but don’t neglect this. When you move your body, you change your mind! 

It’s up to you to see the good amidst stressful times. We know it can be difficult, but it’s always easier when you have others encouraging you every step of the way! Join our #NEXT90CHALLENGE to seize these next 90 days and live up to your full potential. Sign up here