Favorite Morning Essentials from the RISE App Instructors

We love seeing all the things inside a good morning routine. We are so inspired by our RISE App Instructors, we wanted to take a closer look at their favorite things from breakfast items to workout gear to tech devices. Take a peek at some of their favorites: 

What do you like to do before you workout? Do you take any pre-workout fuel or supplements?

Brad: I admit, cold-brew coffee in the morning before a workout is a must. B-12s, vitamins, and ginseng are also super helpful for that get-goin’ feeling! I’m also a 45 yo man, so I take Tribulus for natural testosterone support. 

Dave: I have a green juice that I put BCAA hydrator powder in, a packet of Emergen-C, some apple cider vinegar, a scoop of beet powder along with a vitamin stack.

Jaiana: I just drink water. I am not a big supplement person!

Trent: I like to workout fasted. Cup of black coffee and some BCAAs. 


What is your favorite, fueling breakfast?

Chris: I always have to have fuel in my system 30 min before I work out. I typically have a nutrient-dense protein smoothie and I use Arbonne’s energy fizz sticks to give me a boost while I work out.

Stacey: About 120 oz of water before 9 AM, homemade granola (sunflower seeds, almond slices, and craisins) with almond milk and a kale salad (banana peppers, beets, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, and lemon garlic dressing). I know this doesn't sound delicious but I prefer to chew my kale at the end of a fork rather than drink it from a straw. The granola is very filling. The kale salad helps me to stay grounded emotionally and physically energized. 

PJ: Pancakes for days and light on the syrup, Bulletproof coffee, and fruits.

Brad: I’m a "no breakfast" type of guy.  I’ll just repeat cold-brew coffee for the people in the back. Ha! A handful of cashews, amino acids, or a smoothie after a hard workout or mid-morning works for me!


What is your favorite workout device or equipment?

Jaiana: My fave equipment is dumbbells because I LOVE arm day!!!

Trent: BIG rocks in nature has become my favorite workout equipment. 

Stacey: When I first started working out, I bought a pair of Nikes from the thrift store (because I didn't own a single pair of tennis shoes). I walked and worked out in them for almost two years. Then my son told me I needed to get better shoes. We went shopping and he picked out a pair of lavender (because purple is my favorite color) Nike Crosstrainers. I put them on my feet and my whole entire fitness life changed. My back stopped hurting after my morning walks, my posture improved, I had more stability in workout routines at the gym, and my butt looked better in my workout clothes.  

I recently purchased a pair Hoka Ahira 4 running shoes for walking because my son told me my cross-trainers are for the gym only. He said I needed to invest in a good pair of walking shoes since I love walking so much. And let me tell you the "Hoka Ahira 4" shoes are the best shoe IN ALL THE LAND. I am not a runner by the stretch of anyone's imagination but the level of comfort I have while walking in the "Hoka Ahira 4" shoes just might have the power to turn me into a one. Seriously shoes are the very best workout accessory in my opinion. 

PJ: Two things: the Triggerpoint AcuCurve Cane is great for loosening tight shoulder that comes from staring at a computer screen and looking down at a phone throughout the day. I’ve found this tool to be great to release tension in my neck, traps and shoulders.


What is your favorite thing to wear during a workout?

Stacey: A sports bra, super high waisted leggings, and Nike cross-trainers.  

PJ: Big sunglasses, my Garmin Watch and a trucker hat. That is my Avenger level “superhero” starter kit in taking on any run or exercise.

Brad: Especially in quarantine, I just live in athleisure shorts and tanks.  Period. Working out, not working out.  I sure hope our new office dress code is workout shorts and tanks!

Dave: I’m pretty boring — a sleeveless tank and pair of shorts, with a hat.

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