Gratitude Practice Ideas from RISE App Instructors

One of our favorite things about the Start Today Journal is the gratitude practice. The gratitude section of the journal is arguably the most important. We’ve had dozens of people in the Start Today community tell us how daily gratitude has made a positive impact on their lives over the last few years.

We asked a few of our RISE App Instructors how gratitude has affected their lives. Unsurprisingly, all of them have taken it to the next level by living out their gratitude in ways outside their gratitude journals. Below are a few ways they live out their gratitude every day. We hope it inspires you to live your gratitude out too!


Stacey: “I journal, read, pray, and meditate every morning in addition to my gratitude walks. The mornings are my favorite time of day so I like to do things that I love.”

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PJ: “When my feet touch the ground in the morning, I take a deep breath in gratitude for seeing another day.”

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Jaiana: “If something in life is happening that triggers me to say something negative like, ‘Ugh nothing ever goes to plan,’ I am more conscious to say out loud something I am grateful for like, ‘I am grateful that I can be patient and flexible in all situations.’”

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Dave: “I found a great rock at the end of my runs where I sit and do a little meditation—it’s a great place to reflect on what’s good.”

Brad: “Aside from the Start Today Journal, our house is pretty affectionate. Snuggling with three pups and a hubs says, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ The act of loving on something is an easy way for your heart to explode with gratitude—so we focus on doing that as much as we can!

Rachel: “If level one is the gratitude practice, level two is the joy list. I challenged myself to come up with at least twenty things that fed my soul, that made me feel utterly, ridiculously happy and joyful.” 

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