How to Get Moving With Our Favorite At-Home Workouts

Now more than ever is the time to choose joy. One of our favorite ways to choose joy is by moving our bodies because when we move our bodies, we change our minds! Even though we love a good workout at the gym or a group fitness class, the safest way to get moving right now is from the safety of your home.

We've rounded up a list of fitness resources from free apps to online group fitness classes, so you can work out from the comfort of your home and show yourself some self-care. There are a variety of workouts to choose from and you can use your living room, your kitchen, or any open space to get those 30 minutes in - no excuses!

While all of these resources are free or have free introductory trials, this is also a great time to support small businesses. If there's a trainer or fitness instructor you love, consider using your dollars to support them with paid options to receive more content!

How to Get Moving With Our Favorite At-Home Workouts -


  • The RISE App - 7-day free trial with our favorite instructors!
  • Yoga with Adriene -  free yoga sessions for all fitness levels with Austin-based yoga instructor, Adriene
  • Glo - 15-day free trial of yoga and meditation for busy lifestyles
  • CorePower - free videos to bring the popular studio workouts to your home 


  • Blogilates - free, full-length POP pilates classes with certified-fitness instructor, Cassey Ho
  • PilatesAnytime - 14-day free trial of unlimited pilates sessions at home
  • P.volve - 14-day free trial to bring to studio to your home

How to Get Moving With Our Favorite At-Home Workouts -

Dance Cardio

  • Body by Simone - 14-day trial of fun workouts to get you sweating
  • Melody DanceFit - subscription-based dance workout experiences and top-rated on ClassPass with Austin-based Melody Afkami
  • POPSUGAR Fitness - free tutorials, workouts, and exercises covering all the buzz-worthy workouts
  • The Sculpt Society - 14-day free trial of dance cardio and sculpting workouts


  • The Bar Method - 14-day free trial of workouts to help you feel strong and balanced
  • Barre3 - 14-day free trial for unlimited access to barre workouts at home
  • Physique57 - 7-day free trial of on-demand barre workouts

How to Get Moving With Our Favorite At-Home Workouts -

Cardio and Strength

  • The RISE App - 7-day free trial with workouts from our favorite instructors like Dave and PJ
  • Nike Run App -  free app to help you track your runs plus coaching tips
  • Love Sweat Fitness - free high energy, HIIT workouts to do at home
  • Fitness Blender - free, full-length workout videos for all levels and no equipment needed
  • 7-Minute Workout - free high-intensity workout you can do for just 7 minutes using just a chair, a wall, and your body weight
  • Tone It Up - 7-day free trial for fun, daily workouts
  • Fhitting Room - 30-day free trial of at-home workouts on-demand
  • NEOU - 30-day free trial of various high-cardio at-home workouts 
  • ObéFitness - 30-day free trial for daily live fitness classes and 4,000+ videos