The Brad Chandler Morning Routine

You may recognize Brad Chandler from RISE Conference as the captain of “Brad and the Divas” or as the spunky instructor on the RISE App. Maybe you’re familiar with him or maybe you’re not, but here’s what you need to know: Brad is no stranger to passion and discipline. His desire to be better than yesterday is seen in all he does from the second he wakes up to the moment he winds down. 

We asked Brad a few questions about his morning routine and daily habits that are currently serving him well. Keep reading for the ultimate morning inspo! 

Brad Chandler Morning Routine -

  1. What do you like to do before you move your body? Do you take any pre-workout fuel, vitamins, or supplements?

I admit, cold-brew coffee in the morning before a workout is a must. B-12s, vitamins, and ginseng are also super helpful for that get-goin’ feeling! I’m also a 45-year-old man, so I take Tribulus for natural testosterone support. 

  1. What is your favorite, fueling breakfast?

I’m a ‘no breakfast’ type of guy.  I’ll just repeat ‘cold-brew coffee’ for the people in the back. Ha! A handful of cashews, amino acids, or a smoothie after a hard workout or mid-morning works for me!


  1. What time do you like to wake up? Are you consistent about it or like to take it a day at a time?

I LOVE a slow morning. I need some time to spend with myself first and foremost. Otherwise, I feel out of control for the rest of the day. My husband, Chris, teaches early morning classes so I typically wake up a little after he does around 5 AM.  We sleep in on Sundays until around 7 AM because I know I’ll still be able to have the morning I need for ME before the world comes knocking. 

Brad Chandler RISE App Morning Routine -

  1. Are there any special activities you like to do in the morning?

We have a ritual of detox tea, a green shot of powdered veggies and pre/probiotics, and cold-brew.  My go-to is to climb back in bed with my laptop, my headphones, and whatever literature I feel like for the day.  It’s my time to work on my own personal projects, meditate, read something that’s centering, and then hit a workout!


  1. What is your favorite workout device or accessory? 

I’m hopelessly ensnared by the closing of the rings on my Apple Watch.  Aside from that, Chris is an instructor on the at-home SoulCycle bike and since we have one- I get to ride his classes from home!


  1. What are your favorite things to wear during an active workout?

Especially in quarantine, I just live in athleisure shorts and tanks.  Period. Working out, not working out.  I sure hope our new office dress code is workout shorts and tanks!

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  1. How do you incorporate gratitude in your daily life?

In practice, the Start Today Journal is super helpful with making gratitude intentional. Aside from that, our house is pretty affectionate. The act of loving on something is an easy way for your heart to explode with gratitude- so we focus on doing that as much as we can! 


  1. What encouragement would you give to yourself if you're not in the mood to move your body right now?

I’m rarely ‘in the mood’. But I make a commitment to myself:  I only need to sweat every day.  It doesn’t matter how.  I leave that part up to how I’m feeling.  That gives me the freedom to move my body intuitively and with the intention of feeling good and caring for myself.  Committing to the sweat means that I’ll at least get the endorphins flowing and making my physical heart and body happy.