10 of Our Favorite Quotes by Inspirational Leaders

Surrounding yourself with people from all walks of life is important because you’ll learn from people who have endured tough times, walked through hardships and have simply experienced more. Community is vital and in this time of quarantine, we want to encourage you to continue to seek out community and encouragement from those around you. Sometimes, a word of encouragement from others may be all you need to remind yourself to keep going. 

Trent Shelton at RISE - StartToday.com 

We constantly seek wisdom from some of the best leaders and greatest encouragers because we know words hold a lot of power. In times like this where it’s harder to surround yourself with others who motivate you (join us in the #NEXT90CHALLENGE for a community full of others who are cheering you on!), we hope these words from incredible leaders will light a fire in you. 

“You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated.” - Maya Angelou 

“True leaders have a servant’s heart.” - Christine Caine 

“The greatest moments in life are not concerned with selfish achievements but rather with the things we do for the people we love and esteem.” -Walt Disney

“Are you standing on top of your failures or are you buried beneath them?” - Dave Hollis

Don’t downplay what you’ve achieved because it makes others feel uncomfortable.” -Rachel Hollis 

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown your inner voice.” -Steve Jobs

Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.” - Nelson Mandela

“Self-confidence is the characteristic of someone who keeps promises they make to themselves. Consistently make promises you make to yourself.” -Ed Mylett 

“You don’t have to be somebody different to be important. You are important in your own right.” -Michelle Obama 

“Never be ashamed about being broken, because strength is nothing but pain that’s been repaired.” – Trent Shelton

It’s important to figure out who you aren’t in order to figure out who you are.” -Jay Shetty