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The world of small business is huge to us. We ourselves operate as a small business and we know many of you in our community are small business owners! From the amazing stories we hear from our entrepreneurs and small business owners, we know lots of you are out making a difference in the world.

How to Support Small Business - StartToday.com

We know things are difficult with the state of how things are right now. We know this is a season of change for many people in our community. For everyone who has the heart to help our small business owners right now, let’s do what we can to support them! Here are 10 things you can do to support your fellow small businesses and small business owners:

  1. Leave a testimonial or review: Small business owners love to know when their customers are happy with their products and services! If our products have made a difference in your life, we love hearing about it in our #STJDreamCatcher stories page!

  2. Sign up for their emails: Small businesses work hard to provide the latest news through email newsletters. We highly recommend signing up for them, so you’re the first to know the latest updates and when they offer something new! 

  3. Interact with social media content: Social media is a powerful tool to spread the word about the latest updates and small business offerings. If you believe in what a small business is doing, share their posts with friends and family! Comment on those posts. Repost them, so everyone who’s connected with you can see too! 

  4. Shop small online: If the small business you love offers products online, support them by shopping their products online instead of in person!

  5. Consider subscription services: Many businesses are currently offering free trials for subscription services. Consider trying them during this period and continue using them if you love them! 

  6. Use your social media: If you love a small business, consider sharing your thoughts about what you appreciate about them on your social media. A feature can go a long way to support the livelihood of a small business! Use their hashtags, location tag, or tagging their profile directly in your posts to spread the word about why you love them! We love when you guys share about the #starttodayjournal with your friends and family!

  7. Shop small before shopping large: Before you go to a big-name store, go to the small guys first. Many small businesses offer essential items you might be able to find at a bigger store, so consider heading there first! It’s great for the business and great for the local economy too!

  8. Buy gifts for later: If you have the funds right now, consider purchasing gifts from small businesses for birthdays and other holidays later! This is a great way to stock up and even score a deal for buying!

  9. Use word-of-mouth: Nothing is more powerful than sharing a product or service you love with a close friend or family. The next time you get a chance to chat with friends or family, mention the special services or products a small business is offering to support them!

  10. Book services for a future date: If you consistently get your eyelashes, nails, or hair done with the same stylist or technician, see if it’s a possibility to book and pay for your appointment now to use for a future date.Your person will thank you for making the effort to support them!

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