The 3 Useful Tips We Use to Eat Healthy + Free Meal Prep Printables!

The one thing that comes between you and your goals is your HEALTH, which is why we stress the importance of taking care of your body, both mentally and physically. From our community’s pictures we see on Instagram, we know lots of you are hoping to keep up the #Last90Days momentum and stay healthy in the new year! It’s common for us to fall off the wagon of healthy eating. After a few weeks or even a few days, it’s easy for us to lose motivation. It’s hard! We get it! So what are the tips that actually work? Scroll below to read!

1. Know your goal.

Sure, your goal might be to lose weight, but eating healthy isn’t always about how you look. It’s about how you feel! Eating healthy is about keeping you energized, and feeling energized will set you on a path to achieve your goals. Write a question or goal that helps you evaluate your food choices as you meal prep. Some examples are:

“Does this food bless my body?”
“I want to feel confident after I eat!”
“Does this food give me the energy I need?”

2. Spend intentional time planning your meals and groceries.

Healthy eating doesn’t always come easy, so we like to spend intentional time planning out what we put into our bodies. Dedicate 30 minutes to an hour every week to figure out what you need from the grocery store and how you will use those purchases to create delicious, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. This will ease the temptation to eat junk food and reach in the cabinets for something you didn’t plan to eat.

3. Include protein, fat, fiber, and greens in every meal.

Take it from our girl Kelly Leveque, a celeb-favorite nutritionist and author of one of our favorite health books, Body Love. She recommends including a protein, fat, fiber, and greens in every meal to help keep you full and keep your blood sugar stable, so you don’t crash after taking in a lot of sugar. This is also a great way to eat if you’re not looking to count calories but still help you feel satisfied. If you haven’t read her book yet, we highly recommend it!

To help you in your healthy journey, we’ve included a few printables to help you be intentional about what you’re putting into your bodies this year. Click here to download and print the meal planners below. Show us how you use them on Instagram by tagging us @thestarttodaybrand.

START TODAY meal prep printable

START TODAY meal prep printable

START TODAY meal prep printable

START TODAY meal prep printableWant to learn more about healthy eating? We recommend listening to RISE Podcast #40:The Science of Hunger and Body Love with Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque where our girl Rachel Hollis discusses healthy eating and how Kelly’s book changed her life.