The 5 Products We Recommend for a Great Start to the New Year

This month, we’re focused on continuing our momentum from #Last90Days and starting the new year strong. To begin 2020, we’re sharing five START TODAY-approved products to keep you protected, help you feel confident, and live intentionally this new year. Scroll below to see all the products and click the links to shop!

START TODAY Products to Start 2020 Strong

Two-Tone Leggings, $95
Find an outfit that helps you feel your best when you work out! These two-tone leggings from Outdoor Voices are extremely comfortable to wear in high sweat, high-intensity activity. It also features a built-in phone pocket. Yes, please!

100% Mineral Smooth & Poreless Sunscreen, $38
We love a good dose of vitamin D, but more than 20 minutes in the sun can cause skin damage over time. Whether you’re going on a run or taking care of chores outside, be sure to keep your skin safe before you head out. We love this one for its lightweight texture and clean ingredients!

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses, $17
Most of us use laptops, phones, and other devices to work, but sitting in front of a screen every day can cause painful eye strain. What’s the fix? Protect your eyes from fatigue with glasses that block blue light, so you can work in front of your screen free of pain!

Handbag Organizer, $25
Anyone guilty of a messy handbag? This organizer helps keep your belongings in order and comes in different sizes, so you can choose the exact one to fit your needs. No more mess, so you can find your things quickly!

Rachel Hollis x Target Priority Planner, $22.99
Start your year with intention! Our Priority Planners are a daily organization and monthly goal-setting tool we love to organize, prioritize, and reflect to turn your greatest dreams into reality. Grab one in-stores at your local Target!

How are you starting your new year strong? Share how you’re beginning 2020 by tagging us in your pictures @thestarttodaybrand!