5 Things to Try Before Giving Up

Giving up: we’ve all done it. We know what it’s like to get really excited about a program, a plan, or a dream only to lose momentum and abandon the cause altogether. Here’s the good news: failure isn’t final. Just because you’ve given up before doesn’t mean you will again!

You can decide today to keep going. You can put a stake in the ground and declare that the thing that beat you last time will not defeat you today. It’s about focus and determination - two things that already live inside of you - just waiting to be accessed.

Before you think about throwing in the towel, complete this checklist with 5 Things to Try Before Giving Up:

  1. Review Your Roadmap — Every destination needs a roadmap explaining how to get there. Don’t have one yet? Read How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve them or check out our How to Create a Roadmap video, timestamp 7:48. If you do have a roadmap but it feels overwhelming, take a moment to remind yourself where you’re going and why it matters to you! What is it you’re trying to accomplish? Why are you excited to reach this goal? Now picture yourself at the destination: how do you FEEL? Reminding yourself of the why behind the work will spark your desire to keep going.

2. Don’t Do it Alone — Have you told anyone about your goal? There is so much power in bringing your community into your journey. Say your dream out loud to someone who will encourage you, keep you accountable and maybe even join you in your journey. If you feel like giving up, ASK for encouragement. Don't try to do it alone. (Note: we can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the RIGHT person to share your goal with. Don’t choose a negative Nancy - find yourself a positive Pam! Join our #last90days challenge for accountability as we finish out 2020.

3. Slow Down for a Second — Rome wasn't built in a day. Really think about how much time you need to reach your goal and ask yourself, is my timeline attainable? If not, you might need to set a new timeline for yourself that allows you to achieve it with intentionality. Slow down, take a deep breath, a step back, gather a little motivation, and THEN get to work!

4. Celebrate the Small Victories — Even the smallest steps we take toward our goal are worth celebrating. Most people believe that being harder on ourselves will inspire action but the opposite is actually true: the more positive we are about our progress, no matter the size, the more willing we are to keep showing up! Today, we want you to take the time to CELEBRATE yourself and remember how far you’ve come!
5. Meditation — The decision to keep going is directly related to the state of your mindset. Your actions will follow your thoughts. Meditation is a great way to influence your thinking and find power over your mindset. Before you give up, find a quiet space and meditate for 10 minutes. Check out this short guided meditation from our RISE App, led by Stacey Flowers, to help you get started.


Here’s the thing: WE already know that you’re strong enough to see this goal to the finish line. YOU just need a little push in the right direction toward believing in you. Still not convinced? Repeat Steps 1-5.