5 Ways to Persist Through the Holidays

Have you ever thrown in the towel on healthy living as soon as the holidays hit? The Halloween candy arrives and your healthy habits depart. No shame in that game, we’ve ALL done it! But just because you chose that before doesn’t mean you have to again. With the right mindset and a few simple, everyday behaviors, you can persist with strength through this season -- and beyond! 

Here are our 5 Ways to Persist Through the Holidays:

1. Indulge mindfully.

We don’t believe in restriction or elimination when it comes to celebrating especially with food. Diet culture is toxic enough and we’re not about that life. What we do believe in is mindfulness and intentionality with every bite! Fuel up on foods that bless your bodies first and indulge in treats we love second. Rinse and repeat all season long!

2. Stay present.

In a busy season, we rarely stop to check in with ourselves. We rush from one thing to the next and wonder why we feel so crazed! Take advantage of tiny moments like waiting in the checkout line or at a stoplight to center yourself. Take deep breaths and ground yourself in the present moment - it’ll help you be even more present with loved ones in this season. 

3. Have accountability.

So you’ve got goals to stay on track during the holidays...but have you told anyone about them? Accountability works. Pro tip: Make sure your accountability partner is a cheerleader not a nay-sayer. You want to pick someone who is just as excited about your goals as you are.

4. Set Boundaries.

To have boundaries for this season, you first need to know your values. Pick 2-3 personal values to stick to during the holidays (i.e, family, rest + movement) and place boundaries around them. When an offer comes along that opposes your values, you’ll have an easier time saying no.

5. Move Your Body!

We believe in this one so much, we might as well have it made into a bumper sticker. Moving your body every single day, will make #1-4 SO MUCH EASIER. It’ll keep you grounded in the present moment, connected to your personal values, accountable to your goals and make you more likely to choose healthy fuel. This one is key - so aim for it every single day! Oh and did you hear? Yoga classes are now available on the RISE App

Most of all, be gracious with yourself this season. We’ve made it to the fourth quarter of one heck of a year. Some days you’ll thrive it and others you’ll barely survive. Every morning is a chance to get up and go again!