6 Ways to Stay Organized

We know many of you are feeling scattered as you’re now working from home juggling relationships, career, and health. The space around you can directly affect your stress levels by either contributing to them or reducing them. Organization is meant to reduce overwhelm and we believe there are a few simple ways for you to stay organized. Check them out below!

6 Ways to Stay Organized Make Your Bed - StartToday.com

1. Make Your Bed Every Day

Start your day with a win. Simple as it sounds, this task actually helps you begin the day with an accomplishment and sets you up for success. It also creates a cleaner space with a simple action.

6 Ways to Stay Organized Planner - StartToday.com

2. Write in Your Planner

Get out of the mindset that you’ll remember to do something later - always write it down. Your tasks, your dreams, your reminders, your gratitude - all of it. There is power in writing something down by hand and using your planner to keep everything in one place will help tremendously. Use our Priority Planner to get on track!    

6 Ways to Stay Organized Clean As You Go - StartToday.com

3. Clean As You Go

Instead of letting your dishes pile up and having dirty laundry gather on the floor, clean as you go. This saves time in the long run, keeps your place more clean and manages stress levels. 

6 Ways to Stay Organized Schedule - StartToday.com

4. Establish Routine

We don’t tell you to establish a routine just for the sake of it. Having consistent, healthy routines and habits in your life are crucial, especially now. Your actions shape your life. Start small. Focus on areas that cause you the most distress and work on those until you feel comfortable adding another step. 

6 Ways to Stay Organized Meal Plan - StartToday.com

5. Meal Plan

Take the guesswork and stress out of healthy eating. Prepare your snacks and meals ahead of time so that when you’re hungry, all you have to do is grab something ready to eat. We suggest grocery shopping on Saturday and meal prepping on Sunday to break up the two so it doesn’t seem as daunting of a task.

6 Ways to Stay Organized Time - StartToday.com

6. Use Your Time Wisely 

Take a look at how you’re using your spare time. If you have ten minutes before a phone call with a friend, use that time to pick up your space instead of hopping on social media.

It’s overwhelming to try to organize every area. Begin with these six ways and see what a difference they make in your day. Join us during the #NEXT90CHALLENGE as we dive deeper into the topic of organization!