We Love These 75 Priority Planner Theme Songs

One of our favorite things in the Start Today Priority Planner is the space to fill in the week’s theme song. (You’ll find the first one on Page 15! Take a peek at our How-To video Weekly at a Glance 5:48 to learn more about it.) We love choosing a theme song in the Priority Planner, because music is universally impactful. It can help wake us up, take us back in time, make us cry, ignite our bodies to move, or motivate us to think positively about our crushing our goals. We especially love pairing a song with our monthly power word to take the motivation up a notch!  

We’ve picked out 75 THEME songs to pair perfectly with some power words to inspire you into kickstarting your planning session with your Priority Planner! Take a look below and be sure to scroll to the end for the full playlist on Spotify.


Be sure to set your reminders for Monday, 1/27 at 12 PM CST to pick up a Priority Planner from our new collection and see how exploring theme songs that match your power words can positively impact your mood and set your perspective for the week!