Here Are Four Ways We to Get Involved In Your Community xyz

We can’t stress enough how important it is to find a community that loves and supports you. As you’re making big strides to manifest your dreams, remember that you’re not meant to do it alone. Though it might feel easy to block out the noise and charge forward to reach those goals, it’s absolutely important to find a community of people ready to love on you, keep you accountable, and celebrate your wins with you.

The easiest way to find your people is to get involved in activities where people have similar interests or goals as you. So go out there! Get involved! Here are some ideas of what you can do to find a community:

  • Participate in an exercise challenge or sign up for a workout class!

What are you waiting for? Head to that yoga class you’ve been eyeing on or find a running group in your neighborhood! Head in early to make friends with the attendees or find time to chat afterward. We know lots of friends in our community are running enthusiasts. If you’re located around the Austin area or you’re up for traveling to Texas, we highly recommend that you grab your friends and sign up for the RISE Run happening on December 6th. 

  • Volunteer in your local neighborhood.

There’s no better way to build a community around you than by giving back! Walk dogs at a local animal shelter, sign up to build the community garden, or give your time at a local charity kitchen! You’ll be delighted how many new friends you might make by giving your time and energy into a cause you care about.

  • Join one of our online groups.

We know many members of our community might not have the ability to meet in person! If you’re unable to make new relationships and participate in activities in-person, try finding a community online! Our #MadeforMore Facebook group has hundreds of thousands of people ready to hold you accountable and keep you inspired! We also have a community Pinterest board for you to contribute YOUR favorite motivational quotes and inspirational.

  • Organize a gathering and do a meaningful activity together.

Reach out to a few friends or find a group in one of our online communities to do the Start Today Journal together! Many people are searching for the same kind of community you are, and we love seeing members of our community get together and support each other over a worthwhile activity! Try meeting up at a coffee shop to do the Start Today Journal, plan your week, or even vision cast in each other’s company.

Are you getting involved in your community right now? Show us how you’re doing it by using the hashtag #HowIStartToday and tagging us in your photos @thestarttodaybrand!

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