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The Start Today community is made up of amazing people writing down their dreams and manifesting them into reality. For the #Next90Challenge, we’ll be sharing an inspiring story from everyday people in our community about how they use the Start Today Journal and how it’s changed their life! We hope reading these stories encourages YOU in your journey to reach your big goals. To learn more about the #Next90Challenge, click here!

Start Today Journal Review -

Today we're featuring Carolina, a VP of HR, Talent and Organizational Development from Michigan. She used the journal to create better habits and become a stronger leader! See what she has to say about using the journal below:

How long have you used the Start Today Journal? 

I read Rachel's book Girl, Wash Your Face, and I could see myself in her stories. After reading the book, I started following Rachel on social media, listening to her podcast, and learned about the Start Today Journal from there. Since then, I have completed the Last 90 Days challenge twice now and read her second book Girl, Stop Apologizing. I just started journal #5, which means I have been officially incorporating the Start Today Journal into my morning routine for one full year now.


How has the Start Today Journal changed your life?

I feel more fulfilled. I am living and embracing my passions. I am more mindful and present in every moment. I am more optimistic since I start my day with gratitude. My habits have improved, my relationships have improved. I am a better wife, a better mom, and a better leader.

Have you crossed any goals off in your Start Today Journal?

It's unbelievable how this simple practice has changed my life! I should say simple, but powerful. Some of the goals I have crossed my list:

  • I got a promotion to Vice President of HR before my 38th birthday: It had been my goal for a long time, since I started my career to get here by age 40. While the goal never changes, my approach to it did since I started using the Start Today Journal.
  • I started my own podcast: Something that I thought about, dreamed about and did endless research on how to get started, but never took the first actual step to make it a reality. Since I started, I have been pushing new episodes every other week for the last 40 weeks. I have reached 3,000+ people and growing.
  • I am in the best health and shape of my life: I tried endless times to start going to a gym and following a diet. I changed my perspective from looking a certain way to feeling a certain way. Thanks to the Start Today Journal and the Last 90 Day Challenge, I now apply 5 to Thrive consistently every day of my life.

What's something surprising you've found since using the Start Today Journal?

One thing I found surprising was how simple of a practice it is, but how powerful it is at the same time. It’s amazing how 15 minutes every morning has the power to change your entire day!

Who would you recommend the journal to?

I think everyone should start this practice, but I can speak to those like me: professionals and moms who have ambitious big dreams, but struggle to find the time to do it all.

Those who seem to have it all together on the surface are craving fulfillment and balance deep-down. We all have 15 minutes in our day, and those 15 minutes can change your life.

Thanks so much to Carolina who generously shared her experience with us! Share yours with us by using #STJDreamCatcher in your photos on Instagram or submit your story to us to be featured on the blog!

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