How This Nurse Practitioner Uses the Start Today Journal to Keep Herself Grounded During COVID-19 xyz

The Start Today community is made up of amazing people writing down their dreams and manifesting them into reality. For the #Next90Challenge, we’ll be sharing an inspiring story from everyday people in our community about how they use the Start Today Journal and how it’s changed their life! We hope reading these stories encourages YOU in your journey to reach your big goals. To learn more about the #Next90Challenge, click here!

 Start Today Journal Review -

Today we're featuring Allison, a Nurse Practitioner from Texas. She used the journal to lead herself into pursuing her biggest dreams! See what she has to say about using the journal below:

How long have you used the Start Today Journal? 

I purchased my first Start Today Journal when they initially came out in 2018 and started this practice during the #Last90Days! I loved the idea of having a morning gratitude practice and writing down my intentions and goals as if they had already happened. 

How has the Start Today Journal changed your life?

Absolutely! I am more focused, motivated, and definitely more confident than ever before! I am also able to choose joy during tough seasons as the gratitude practice has shown me that there is always something to be thankful for.

Have you crossed any goals off in your Start Today Journal?

I quit biting my nails, ran my third full marathon, and most recently, wrote and self-published my very first book!

How is the Start Today Journal helping during COVID-19?

I am currently on the front lines as a nurse practitioner during COVID-19. Along with running, my Start Today Journal has been one of the most important practices that keeps me grounded during this stressful time.

I have continued to look for gratitude in the midst of so much change and uncertainty, while also staying focused on my goals and who I am striving to be.

It's been a great tool to document this season in my life and how I was still able to choose joy in the chaos.   

    What's something surprising you've found since using the Start Today Journal?

    There is truth in writing down your intentions over and over and over again. As you write them again and again, you start to believe them and work towards them, and this incredible transformation occurs.

    Who would you recommend the journal to?

    The Start Today Journal is for anyone who finds themselves feeling unchallenged and unfulfilled. It forces you to look for joy, set your intentions and reach for big goals and dreams. It’s a wonderful tool, and I will love looking back through them in the years to come. What an awesome thing to share with my kids as they get older!

    Thanks so much to Allison who generously shared her experience with us! Share yours with us by using #STJDreamCatcher in your photos on Instagram or submit your story to us to be featured on the blog!

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