This Research Assistant Used the Start Today Journal to Earn Her Master's Degree

The Start Today community is made up of amazing people writing down their dreams and manifesting them into reality. Each and every week, we see so many posts under the hashtag #starttodayjournal about how the Start Today Journal has changed lives. From the motivation to get healthy and run your first marathon to finding the courage to start your own business, we love hearing inspirational stories from YOU!

Every Tuesday this month, we’ll be sharing an inspiring story from everyday people in our community on how they use the Start Today Journal and how it’s changed their life! We hope reading these stories encourages YOU in your journey to reach your big goals!

This Research Assistant Used the Start Today Journal to Earn Her Master's Degree -

Today we're featuring Cierra, the blogger behind, a lifestyle blog that features her personal experiences about following her dreams and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. See what she has to say about using the Start Today Journal below!

How long have you used the Start Today Journal? 

As soon as I heard that The Hollis Company was coming out with a journal that reflected Rachel’s daily practice, I knew that I had to have one! I was fortunate enough to get the first cover batches of journals. I have been hooked ever since!

How has the Start Today Journal changed your life?

My first official entry was on November 1, 2018. Using the Start Today Journal has shown me the value of starting my day with gratitude, manifesting and making my goals a priority, and establishing a morning routine. I am proud of the healthy habits that I have incorporated into my life because of it. I now view journaling as my act of self-care. I also gift the journal (and the concept of a gratitude journal) as often as I can! I love that using the Start Today Journal has increased my own positivity and encouraged me to spread positivity to others.

Have you found a morning routine using your Start Today Journal?

My mornings used to be super hectic; I was always sleeping in and rushing around in order to barely make it to work on time. With the help of the Start Today Journal and Mel Robbin’s 5-Second Rule, I have started to develop a morning routine that slows me down, yet increases my productivity. My morning starts with me launching out of bed at 5 am, completing the STJ, getting in 30-60 minutes of morning exercise, writing/working on my blog, and drinking a nice cup of coffee...all before leaving for my full-time job!

Have you crossed any goals off in your Start Today Journal?

One goal that I crossed off was “I am a Master of Psychology” when I received my Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology!

What's something surprising you've found since using the Start Today Journal?

It’s something that I can actually stick to! I always thought that journaling just wasn’t for me. However, I am currently on a 204-day Start Today Journaling streak! Using the Start Today Journal reminded me that the answer is rarely that you can’t do something. The answer is that you have to find what works for you.

Thanks so much to Cierra who graciously shared her experience with us! Share yours with us by using #STJdreamcatcher in your photos on Instagram or submit your story to us to be featured on the blog!