Why We Created the Kid's Start Today Journal

Learning to look for gratitude in the small things every single day is a practice that’s isn’t just for adults. How impactful would it be if we taught our kids how to do it too? The littles in our life often experience big feelings: they get sad, mad, scared and overwhelmed just like we do. So why not give them a few tools for their growing toolbox to carry with them into adolescence and eventually, adulthood!

The Start Today Kids Journal is all about helping our kids develop important daily habits that will support them throughout their lives. The journal focuses on four main categories:

1. Things to be thankful for: let’s give our kids the gift of gratitude. The earlier they learn to focus on what they do have, the less inclined they will be to harp on what they don’t. The practice of looking for blessings will become second nature to them and that positivity will carry them through this season and whatever one follows.

2. Sketching aspirations: a place for imagination to run wild! With technology a part of our everyday lives, we need to be intentional about setting up space for kids to be kids. They should imagine, dream, draw and sketch — after all, isn’t that where the best ideas are formed?

3. Kind words to say aloud: it’s crucial to teach our kids how to be kind to themselves. Each day in their journal, kids are asked to list “I am” statements about themselves. I am brave. I am strong. I am smart. By naming their strengths, we’re giving our kids the incredible gift of self-confidence.

4. Goals to strive for throughout the school year: this school year looks way different than years past and our kids may need a little more encouragement to succeed. Just like gratitude, naming your goals helps to stay focused and work to actualize them.

This year hasn’t just been tough on us - it’s been tough on the tiny humans we know and love. By focusing on big dreams and self-love each and every day, your children can achieve amazing things and realize incredible self-confidence.