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One of the most important things we talk about here at START TODAY is building the foundations for success that will help you reach your goals. If you’ve read Girl, Stop Apologizing, you’re probably familiar with something we call “5-to-Thrive”. If you’re unfamiliar with this daily practice, we recommend listening to RISE Podcast #116: How to Change Your Life TODAY.

One of the components of 5-to-Thrive is to get up one hour earlier every day, so you can use this time for yourself. This time is just for you! Yes, just you! We encourage you to wake up an hour earlier, so you can do the things you want to do that make you feel accomplished before you start your day. If you’re just starting your journey to become an early riser, we know how hard it can be, so here are three tips to wake up earlier and be in the best mood to take on the world:

1. Get in bed earlier.

We have members in our community tell us that they struggle to get up early, because they sleep at the same time they did before they began their journey to become a morning person. Nothing is worse than sacrificing your sleep, so hit the sack earlier! This means washing up, turning off the screens, and preparing everything you need for the next day an hour to two hours earlier than you’re used to. By starting successfully the night before, you’re more likely to set yourself up to win the next morning!

2. Turn on some music you love.

While we value our morning quiet time, nothing gets us in the mood than some great music. When you’re ready to get your day started, turn on your favorite songs that help motivate you and keep the energy up. Want to hear what’s on our playlist? Check out our favorite songs to get the day started!

3. Plan an activity you love in the morning.

Whether it’s brewing a delicious cup of coffee or moving your body with a fun workout, schedule an activity you’re excited about after you wake up. Some ideas include: doodling or journaling your thoughts, experimenting with a new look, reading that book you’ve had your eye on, or making a delicious, energizing breakfast. By doing something you love as soon as you wake up, you can start your day excited and know you committed to being the best version of yourself. Once you have an idea of the things you like to do in the morning, try planning a morning routine you love including those activities.

Please keep in mind waking up earlier might not be for everyone. Though we want you to find time for yourselves to feel accomplished and work on your personal goals, waking up early is not the healthy option if you’re in a season of your life where you’re already not getting enough sleep. If you work unconventional hours or you’re a new mom, get your rest in and send this advice to a loved one who’s looking to become a morning person instead.

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