My Morning Routine by Rachel Hollis

At START TODAY, a morning routine is an essential part of a successful day. The purpose of a morning routine is to carve out time for yourself, so you can live with intention and set yourself up for success. This time is just for you. To see Rachel’s morning routine and get inspired to create your own, read and watch the video below!

I’m crazy-obsessed with my morning routine because these are my hours. It’s why when we do our #LAST90DAYs and talk about 5-to-Thrive, the morning routine is one of the things that I am so passionate about for people - especially for those who say that they don’t have any time for themselves and say,

“I wanna write a book...

“I want to work out...

“I want to get healthy...

“I want to have more time to pray...

“I want to work on my business...

...but I don’t have time.”

You gotta make the time. 

At the beginning of the week, I ask, “What do I need my routine to be?” I’ll literally write it down on post-its.


5:00 AM - wake up

5:10 AM - coffee, read, Start Today Journal

5:40 AM - Spanish

5:55 AM - motivation videos

6:05 AM - write motivation post

6:15 AM - first meal

 5 AM - wake up 
Most mornings, I wake up at 5 AM, which is too early for a lot of people, but I have four kids, and those hours are the only time I have to myself. 

5:10 AM - coffee, read, STJ work
Every morning, I read a non-fiction book. Right now, it’s Management Mess by Scott Miller. A lot of times, the non-fiction books I’m reading are about how to be a strong group leader or how to build a strong routine. I read with a pen and a highlighter and take notes in the margin.

Then, I do my Start Today Journal that consists of my gratitude practice and my goal-setting. You’ve heard me talk about this before. If you haven’t heard me talk about it, click here

5:40 AM - Spanish
At 5:40 AM, I practice my Spanish and read in my easy Spanish reader. I’ve been working on my Spanish for two years or 20 years, depending on how you look at it. It’s really hard and something I’m passionate about. It’s just something for me, so it tends to be the thing that doesn’t get as much love or attention as leading the team, writing the books, things that are more important. 

6:05 AM - write motivation post
At 6:05 AM, I try and write one motivational post either for LinkedIn or Instagram. Usually in the morning, I feel the most energy and excited. I love to spread that around to you guys. 

6:15 AM - first meal
At 6:15 AM, I do my first “meal” of the day, which is really just some almond butter and jam. I take some pre-workout supplement that I mix with 16 ounces of water, mix it up, and drink.

Afterwards, I work out. Some days I work out by myself, or I work out with a trainer. I always, always, always work out every single morning, seven days a week without question. I also put some effort into what I wear for my workout every single day, because if you go into any kind of gym that has a mirror, you want to look in the mirror and be like, “Yeah! That girl is cute. She’s killing it!” Right?! 

The key elements:

I always get up early.
I always have time for myself.
I’m always learning.
I always do a gratitude practice.
I always do a workout.
I always make sure I show up well for my kiddos.

Please note if you’re a new parent or work unconventional hours, this morning practice might not apply for you at this season of your life, but be sure to create consistent time for yourself. To watch Rachel talk about her morning routine, check out the video below:

For a morning routine playlist, check out the START TODAY Morning Playlist. What’s in your morning routine? Show us by tagging your pictures with @thestarttodaybrand and #starttodayjournal.