30 Free Self-Care Ideas When You're On a Budget

Many women in our community tell us that they struggle to prioritize themselves because they give so much to their jobs, their families, and the people around them. While we love to give our best in everything we do, we strongly believe that we must be at our best to give our best, both mentally and physically. This is why we prioritize health and self-care.

A self-care routine can involve using the latest skincare, going to yoga classes, or lighting a new candle to enjoy in the evening, but these purchases can add up over time. Don’t get us wrong - we love a good face mask and manicure around here! But let’s be honest: prioritizing your physical and mental health can get expensive!

We believe self-care does not have to cost anything to incorporate into your daily life. The next time you want to relax without spending any money, try any of these free self-care ideas. These activities are great if you’re in school and hoping to save some money or you’re on a budget and currently working on a savings goal! Scroll below to see them all!

Free Self-Care Ideas When You're On a Budget from StartToday.com


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