5 Back to School Essentials for Kids

With the back-to-school season in full swing, we wanted to take a moment to offer you encouragement. This year is different from any other year before and we know it’s been challenging. You’re doing the best you can with what you have, and that is what matters!

We’ve found that creating routines with your children is extremely helpful during this time. Routine and familiarity give a sense of security to your kids and family as a whole. We want to share five back-to-school essentials that will help you and your children thrive this school year:

5 Back to School Essentials for Kids - StartToday.com

  1. Fun backpack 

Even if your kids are only going from the kitchen to the living room, having a backpack will help them get in the mindset of starting a full day of learning. Help them get in the routine of placing everything they will need for the day in their backpack the night before.


  1. Start Today Kids Journal 

Goal-setting and journaling are great habits to get into at a young age. With our Start Today kids journal, kids can fill out pages with their gratitude and special writing prompts geared just towards kids. Back-to-school is a great time to introduce this journal! 

5 Back to School Essentials for Kids - StartToday.com 

  1. Morning Routine

Depending on what school looks like for your kids this year, it could be tempting to let them wake up at the last minute and do school in their pajamas. We suggest you talk with your kids and discuss a morning routine with them. Find a way to make it exciting for them so that they’re excited about their mornings and getting their days started.

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  1. Theme Fridays

We suggest starting to use themes in your home. Try a pizza night at the end of the week or try different clothing themes on Fridays! Get creative and establish new traditions to bring joy in this uncertain time.  

  1. Success Charts

 Get creative and grab those markers, paper and stickers! Keep your child motivated by creating charts for them to see their progress. Even if it’s simply to track the days, letting your kids celebrate the little victories will mean a lot to them!