3 Tips to Create a New Morning Routine with Kids

The school year is here and virtual learning has become the norm for many families in the Start Today community. We wanted to put together a resource for you mamas that need some help developing a morning routine that suits your family and your needs. Here are three tips to create a new morning routine for back-to-school season:

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1. Work backward from school start time:

To create an adjusted morning routine schedule, list all the tasks that need to happen before virtual learning. Do the kids need breakfast? Free play? Time to get dressed? Work backward from the time the kids need to be in front of their screens to set up a new wake-up time. 

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Start Today Kids Journal - StartToday.com

2. Build in new activities

You working mamas out there, shout-out to you. Consider some activity options that allow you to take a breather. Organize a video call in the morning with grandparents or friends from school, so you can get some work in. Build in active movement at home (The RISE App has some great at-home activities!) before they hop on for virtual learning, so they can get some energy out.

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Start Today Kids Journal - StartToday.com

3. Encourage them to set their intentions

Even though this school year looks different than years before, we want to encourage you and your littles to make the most out of the year. Encourage them to set their intentions with you by getting in the habit of daily gratitude and goal-setting using the Start Today Kids Journal, available NOW!