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This one goes out to all the superhero mothers who juggle everything at once and provide for everyone around them! As we talk about self-care, mothers have to be recognized. Their constant giving deserves praise, but also some tips, tricks, and motivation for tackling the one thing that most don’t have time for: a self-care routine. 

Self-care is the most important thing for hardworking moms, because no matter how super-human of a mother you think you are, you have to be at your best to give your best. 

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Here are some ways how you moms can efficiently incorporate self-care into your busy day:

Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms -

  1. Organize your wardrobe - Getting your life in order, starting with your closet, will make you feel ready to take on anything life can offer

  2. Give or receive a massage - Even five minutes can leave you feeling much more relaxed. 

  3. Hug your kids - Did you know it’s healthy to give and receive at least eight hugs a day?

  4. Indulge in a good magazine - Letting yourself mindlessly skim the pages may lead to learning about a new restaurant to try around the corner or finding some creative inspiration.

  5. Do lunges while the water boils - Use your spare time to tone it up!

  6. Go to the park with your kids - Fresh air is a huge stress reliever! Try a new activity like flying a kite or packing a picnic to make it even more fun.

  7. Take a different route than normal - You never know what you will experience on another drive to work.

  8. Do the thing you used to love - Rekindle the love you had for something you loved doing! You never know where it might take you!

  9. Get to know your neighbors - Knowing the people around you could introduce more community and a sense of belonging.

  10.  Lay down for 15 minutes - Get off those feet and re-energize!

  11. Sit in quietness - If you can find the time and space, try sitting in silence.

  12. Compliment yourself in the mirror - Verbally affirm your favorite things about yourself. Say, “Your hair looks good today,” or “You are killing it,” to yourself and BELIEVE IT.

  13. Stretch - Your muscles will thank you later.

  14. Watch a funny movie or TV show - Laughter is the best medicine for anything!

  15. Diffuse essential oils - Breathe in and destress from aromatherapy.

  16. Set an inspirational phone background - If you are going to stay plugged into your electronics, at least keep a message on your screen that helps motivate you into feeling your best!

  17. Try a new recipe - Trying something new in the kitchen can leave you feeling like a successful chef for your family and equipped for future dinners!

  18. Download a mind challenge app - Train your brain with some fun games. Building mental strength is known to boost daily performance.

  19.  Keep a jar of what you’re thankful for - Go beyond your gratitude journaling and write your favorite things on slips of paper that can be kept in a jar to read for the future.

  20. Plan your dream vacation - Take some time to transform a dream into a goal by making a plan to take your dream trip! 

  21. Have a date night - Hire a sitter or trade with parents of another family to have one-on-one time with your significant other or BFF away from the kids

  22. Plant something - Nurturing something that just needs sunlight and water can yield more happiness than you think.

  23. Try an adult coloring book - It’s not just for the kids! There is something therapeutic about filling in shapes with color. Try it out!

  24. Join a new community - Find a book club, running group, or Zumba class. There are endless possibilities for new experiences with new people!

  25. Swipe on your favorite lipstick - Look good just for you! 

  26. Try acupuncture - Many have found this practice to be amazing for their bodies and overall health.

  27. Treat yourself when grocery shopping - Add something in the basket that you usually wouldn't usually buy: honeycomb, a new fruit, or vegetable!

  28. Change up your hairstyle - If you usually wear it straight, go curly, switch up your part, or lighten it for a fresh, new look.

  29. Clean up your phone - Purge junk emails, old texts, and photos to give yourself a fresh start!

  30. Dedicate 30 minutes of no-screen time - Taking away technology that can tend to control us can allow us to focus on much bigger and better things!

These are just 30 options, but even using one to practice more self-care can help you selflessly care for others.

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