5 Products You Need to Practice Self-Love

Who says you need a Valentine to spoil yourself for Valentine's Day? While we believe self-care doesn't have to cost anything, we think Valentine's Day is a fun opportunity to show yourself some love and treat yourself. Here are a few products we love and recommend to include in your self-care routine:

5 Products You Need to Practice Self-Love - StartToday.com

1. Start Today Journal - A gratitude + intentional goal-setting practice is one of the best things to bring into your life to show yourself some love. If you have big dreams or you’re just looking for focus and clarity in your life, we recommend using our Start Today Journal in your morning routine to keep your dreams top-of-mind and start your day with intention. Grab one for yourself, your BFF, and your family members to share the love!

2. Homesick Love CandleOne of our favorite ways to unwind at the end of the day is by lighting a candle. Sit in a quiet space, turn down the lights, and light one while you calm your heart and reflect on your day. This one has notes of lemon, rose, and sandalwood to fill your home with an amazing scent!

3. French Girl Rose Calming Bath SaltsYour body does so much to serve you, so treat it well by finding time to relax off your feet. Find your favorite place to sit, get a massage, or hop into the bathtub after a long day. These calming sea salts are a great addition to your self-care routine if you love a good soak!

4. HERBIVORE Self Love Facial Ritual Set - Taking care of your skin is one of the best ways to show yourself love and care. As the largest organ in your body, it does a lot to protect your body throughout your whole life, so nourish and treat it well! We love this set, so you can have all the tools to exfoliate, moisturize, and massage!

5. BEAUTY PIE Love Fragrance - Take advantage of the month of February to find a new scent for yourself! Fragrances are very personal, so they’re a great way to find ownership over something YOU love, just for you. Try a few you like and have fun with it!