How to Reach Goals at Home With Kids xyz

We know many of the parents in our community are spending more time than ever with littles at home. Guiding them to be their best selves is already quite a difficult feat, but especially now where many are balancing full-time work schedules, without child care and some without the support of a partner.

How to Reach Goals at Home With Kids -

We understand how difficult it is right now, so we wanted to take this as an opportunity to share some advice and inspiration of what it can look like to set goals and create healthy habits with them at home. We rounded up our favorite tips from HoCo parents about setting goals, routines, and schedules to lead them into success while also having fun and exploring!

Below are four things you can do to build a daily routine for kids to achieve their goals. Please note while these suggestions are meant to help, we know everyone is just doing the best they can, so no judgment here. Please use the advice that serves YOU!

How to Reach Goals With Kids -


  • Whatever ways you help them reach their goals should be fun and on their level. Listen to their goals and ask what they want for themselves. It doesn’t matter how young they are, ask them! Let them know they have room to speak their mind. At the end of the day, their goals come first.
  • If you have younger children or they need help coming up with ideas, give them goal suggestions based on things they need in order to be successful like doing their school or completing their own Five to Thrive. This two-fold gameplan can set you up to build a simple, but effective routine. Better yet, have them join us for the #Next90Challenge starting March 30th, 2020!


  • What are the top things your kids must complete in the day in order to be successful? Attendance at school is mandatory, so use the morning to schedule in the most important blocks of learning time, playtime, and practice time. Don’t forget free play and exercise time are important! Go for a walk together outside or end the day playing frisbee together as a family.

  • Be sure to explain why this routine is important to them and the whole family during this time. We generally recommend 30-60 minute time blocks with 10-minute “transition windows" like at school.

Set a Consistent, But Varied Schedule -


  • Create a list of things they need in order to get the day started or wind down before going to bed. Empower them to be involved in helping with scheduling in time blocks and making sure they know the expectations because they helped create them. There is no right or wrong here except consistency!


  • This isn't a military boot camp, this is life at home! Kids like to have an idea of what’s happening each day, but leave room for some fun. Here are some ideas that you can suggest during free time:

    • A scavenger hunt around the house 
    • Zoom call with friends from class
    • Fort building
    • Impromptu fashion show
    • DIY craft 
    • Make a music video (Try the Video Star App!)
    • Baking project
    • Family game night
    • For more ideas, check out this blog post!

As important as it is to keep a routine consistent, it's also important to make each and every day its own. Let's all learn from our littles how to live with all the possibilities to reach for more! Sign up for our #Next90Challenge to receive more exclusive motivation and tips on how to carry through this season!

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