5 Small Things You Can Do Every Day To Keep Your Sanity

Can you believe we are halfway through the year? So we want to do a little pulse check and see how you're doing as things begin to shift all around the world? Things might be feeling a little uncontrollable, but we believe if you take hold of the things you can control, there’s nothing you won’t be able to do as we adjust to our new normal. So here are a few little things you can do every day to keep your sanity:

5 Small Things You Can Do Every Day To Keep Your Sanity - StartToday.com

Make your bed: If you’re struggling with feeling out of control right now, make your bed. It’s one of the few things you can control right now and it’s a simple thing you can do to start your day right. Some of the most notable people believe in this simple act, so get on board and make a habit out of it.

5 to Thrive Stretch - StartToday.com

Find time to move your body: If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to move, we get it. Try going on a short walk with the family or by yourself if you can. If you’re working during the day, consider taking a quick break to stretch or do one of the workouts on our RISE APP. Moving your body doesn’t have to mean a full-on workout, but we believe when you move your body, you change your mind. 

Play music in the morning and throughout the day: Sounds simple, but listening to your favorite music is one of the best ways to set the tone for the day. It can energize you, make you feel calm and relaxed, or help you feel empowered. Click here for our Start Your Day Playlist or a list of 75 Priority Planner Theme Songs to go along with your Power Word of the Month.

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Write down your gratitudes: If things are moving fast around you because of the responsibilities you have to manage, take some time to slow down and write down the things you’re grateful for. We’ve heard stories repeatedly where our community finds more joy in their day just by writing down 5 things they’re grateful for in their Start Today Journals. We find it’s the ultimate act of self-care and it only takes a few minutes, so give it a try and let us know what you think!

Set up check-ins with your loved ones: If you feel comfortable being around others, plan a date with your girlfriends or loved ones. Find time to go outside or grab a bite to eat. If you don't feel comfortable just yet then set up a video call with a friend to catch up during lunch or phone an accountability partner if you have one.