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The Start Today community is made up of amazing people writing down their dreams and manifesting them into reality. Each and every week, we see so many posts under the hashtag #starttodayjournal about how the Start Today Journal has changed lives. From the motivation to get healthy and run your first marathon to finding the courage to start your own business, we love hearing inspirational stories from YOU!

Every Tuesday this month, we’ll be sharing an inspiring story from everyday people in our community how they use the Start Today Journal and how it’s changed their life! We hope reading these stories encourages YOU in your journey to reach your big goals!

How This Entrepreneur Uses The Start Today Journal to Build Her Future Home -


To kick off the month, we’re introducing a high school math teacher-turned-entrepreneur. Meet Joanna from at @thymeforchange. She’s a data analyst, Etsy shop owner, and beekeeper! We asked her a few questions about her journey using a Start Today Journal and how it’s changed her life.

How long have you used the Start Today Journal?

Today, I completed my 426th entry! I started using my journal on December 6th, 2018 and I have never missed a day.

Has your life changed since using the Start Today Journal?

Honestly, I notice it's impacted my life most when I'm going through darker seasons. I don't always see it when life is fine and dandy, but when things get really tough, I know I can cling to the habits that are now just part of who I am.

Before the Start Today Journal, I would quit pretty easily and wait months before starting over again. The feelings of failure and berating from my inner critic were loud and paralyzing. (Enneagram 1 here) Now the time between the mental beat-down and the physical getting back up is a day - maybe two. My mindset has completely shifted.

Have you found a morning routine using the Start Today Journal?

The Start Today Journal and #Last90Days Challenge in 2018 were seriously what helped me establish a morning routine as a total NON-MORNING person. It's still hard to wake up, but once I'm up, I absolutely LOVE how my morning routine makes the rest of my day go smoother. I feel energized, ready, positive, all the things - even on the really emotional days.

This habit is what sustains me on the good days and on the days when I feel like life is literally falling apart. My morning routine is something I can cling to. I wake up at 5 AM, work out, come home to tidy up, do my Start Today Journal and Bible study. If there's time, I work on one of my three side businesses, shower, then get ready for work!

Establishing this structure has changed EVERYTHING.

Have you crossed any goals off in your Start Today Journal?

I have! Four actually! The first one was that my husband and I have established a weekly date night. Since February 2019, we’ve had Wednesday date night every single week. This Wednesday, we will be celebrating a year of dates!

The second was that we bought land to build our future home. Right before using the Start Today Journal, we became debt-free, but saving and pursuing a place we could one day establish roots of our own was pretty hard. I made it a focus and we signed the papers right after #RISExMinn!

The third is that I sold 1,000 items in my new Etsy shop I started in December 2018. I was super nervous about owning something of my own in fear that it would flop or people would be disappointed, but I gave it a go and learned a lot! Thirteen months later now, my shop has sold over 2,000 items - some digital, some physically handmade!

The fourth is that I ran a 5K. Not walked. Ran the entire thing. Growing up, I was told by many orthopedic surgeons that I shouldn't run due to former sports injuries (and I was pretty overweight... still working on it). I spent nearly a year working up to just a 5K, and I finally ran it in 36 minutes with no back or knee pain!

I'm working towards training for the RISE Half Marathon this December - fingers crossed!

What’s something you found surprising using the Start Today Journal?

I was a major skeptic when I first started. Daily gratitude seemed like a "fluffy" concept. Writing the same dreams down every day seemed inefficient and repetitive. I didn't get it.

I gave myself 30 days of consistent use because what did I have to lose? It didn't take the entire 30 days for me to realize the impact of using the Start Today Journal would have on my life. My husband noticed it first. He was so confused why I was getting up at 5 AM writing stuff down every day. Then, he realized that I was a little bit happier, in a better mood, felt more focused and determined. It took a while to really build it as a habit, but I'm so glad I stuck with it.

I encourage everyone to give it a try. You can say I'm definitely surprised to have encountered products that can do so much for someone!

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