How This Fitness Coach Uses the Start Today Journal to Start Her Day with Intention

The Start Today community is made up of amazing people writing down their dreams and manifesting them into reality. Each and every week, we see so many posts under the hashtag #starttodayjournal about how the Start Today Journal has changed lives. From the motivation to get healthy and run your first marathon to finding the courage to start your own business, we love hearing inspirational stories from YOU!

Every Tuesday this month, we’ll be sharing an inspiring story from everyday people in our community how they use the Start Today Journal and how it’s changed their life! We hope reading these stories encourages YOU in your journey to reach your big goals!

How This Fitness Coach Uses the Start Today Journal to Start Her Day with Intention -

Today we're featuring Kate Scholtes, the fitness coach and entrepreneur behind The Fitish Life of Kate, a site that promotes wellness, self-love, confidence, and community through virtual boot camps and fitness content. See what she has to say about using the Start Today Journal below!

How long have you used the Start Today Journal? 

Gosh, I think I have been using the Start Today Journal for over a year now! I used to just do it in a blank notebook before the journals were released. Since then, I have used a journal nearly every single day!

How has the Start Today Journal changed your life?

I think the biggest impact the journals have made in my life is gratitude. This last year has been a tough one personally as my husband and I navigate our TTC (trying to conceive) journey. Spending time in gratitude every morning even on the hard days has been such a blessing. It really helped me realize that even in hard seasons, there is so much to be grateful for.

Have you found a morning routine using your Start Today Journal?

Yes! Every morning, I wake up and make my pre-workout and immediately sit down with my Start Today Journal before I do anything else! The days that I don't, I feel so "off". I need this time for myself to feel centered and ready to start my day with intention.

Have you crossed any goals off in your Start Today Journal?

I have! Mostly health and fitness related, but also I had a big financial goal of having a certain amount of money in our savings account, and we made that happen a couple of months ago! It felt really good to check that off the list! My current list is full of really lofty goals!

What's something surprising you've found since using the Start Today Journal?

One thing I found surprising was how much I have actually STUCK to it honestly! It's very rare I miss a day. For the longest time, I couldn't stick to any kind of journal or morning routine because I wasn't super passionate about it! But THIS is something I am passionate about: setting big goals, dreaming big dreams, and spending time in gratitude for what we already have.

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