How To Simplify Healthy Habits to Live Your Best Life 

In the midst of a crazy year, we need simplicity in order to achieve what we want. There’s no need to make anything complicated. By breaking down the habits you need in order to achieve your dreams, you are setting yourself up for success. When you take the guesswork and clutter out of your day-to-day, you’ll begin to see with clear focus. Here are our tips for how to simplify healthy habits to live your best life: 

  • Stop going to extremes and start small
  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Too often, we get excited about the new goals we’ve set for ourselves and we go to the extreme in order to accomplish them. If you want to get healthy, there’s no need to restock your entire kitchen with only vegetables. Create a healthy and manageable habit that starts small. Over time, begin to build on that small habit. Here are some ways you can set goals and actually achieve them.

  • Write out your plans
  • No matter what habit you’re working on, writing it down will be key. Write out the steps you’re going to take every single day until it seems like second nature. Even if it seems like an obvious change to make every day, write it down and keep your plan where you can see it. 

  • Know your obstacles 
  • There will always be something that pops into your path that you didn’t plan. There will be temptations or bad habits that continue to creep up. What are these possible setbacks? Expect what could come your way and be aware of what slows you down. For example: if you know you have a strong sweet tooth, but want to lose 10 pounds, don’t keep a jar of candy in your home. 

  • Track your progress
  • Sometimes, it feels like you’re moving in slow motion. Sometimes, it feels like you’ve been in the same place for months. This is why tracking your progress is important. It may seem like small growth, but over time, you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve come. If you haven’t signed up to learn about the RISE App yet, be sure to check it out to learn about how you can track your progress through the app!