Increase Your Productivity By Following This Tip

We frequently get questions about all things productivity: what it means to be productive, how to be more productive, and what you can do every day to increase your productivity. If you know us, you know we love achieving big goals, so productivity is something we’re familiar with. While there are lots of tips we could share, we believe there’s one single and most effective productivity tip that works for everyone. Scroll down to read!

Increase You Productivity By Following This Tip -

What It Is

Let’s get to the point: the only productivity tip you really need is to do the most important thing first every day. Simple as that! 

We often define productivity as the amount or volume of work we can accomplish, but we want to challenge that definition. We believe productivity means consistently making progress towards a goal. It means creating a list of results and accomplishing tasks that really move the needle for you, your life, or your business.

Doing the most important thing first in your day ensures that you knock out the #1 thing that helps you get closer to that goal.

Increase You Productivity By Following This Tip -

Why It Works

One reason why this tip works is that in the morning, you’re likely to have your best energy, effort, and willpower to accomplish your most important task efficiently.

Another reason is that as you go about your day, unexpected tasks might creep into your schedule leaving you with little time and energy to accomplish the most important thing on your list.

If this sounds familiar to you, make a commitment to yourself to do your most important task in the morning.

How to Make It Work

If you’re unclear about your most important task, the Start Today Journal is the #1 tool we use to get clear about the goal we’re going to work on first. 

Use the journal every day in your morning routine to figure out the first thing you’re going to do that helps you get closer to your goal. It might change over time and that’s okay. The intention is that through consistent journaling, you’ll realize which tasks are important and which tasks you can do without.

Next, use the Priority Planner to make a Results List and plan when you’re going to get things done. Over time, you’ll find yourself making progress and knocking off the next goal in your journal.

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