Joyful Activity Ideas from Our Community

We hope you all have been adjusting and choosing joy during the current state of things. Although it can seem like a dark time, there is power in finding joy in the little things and there are still lots of things to be grateful for as long as we look for them. We received lots of submissions of joyful activity ideas from our #MadeforMore Facebook groupHere are some examples of what you guys have been up to!

Get Fresh Air 

To avoid cabin fever, lots of members in our community are getting fresh air. Some are fortunate enough to live with nature around them away from the public, but if you are centered in a more metropolitan area, try cracking open a window! It might make all the difference!

Fresh Air - Joyful Activity Ideas from Our Community

Clockwise from the top left:

@missmichelleamanda: "Walking my dogs!!!" 

@sarahbeth41: “Playing outside with my kids on pretty days gives me joy!” 

@mrsmichelegardner: “Enjoying time outside while social distancing from people but still enjoying animal company brings me joy!”

@alexandrinamarie: “I am choosing the things that make me feel good and balancing working at home. I have been able to see some pretty great sunrises while I have been working from home!”

Spread Positivity

If the people around you are getting you down, create your own light and try spreading positivity to other people! Our community has given us many creative ways to do this while abiding with quarantine guidelines. Look for ways to make someone smile today, because we promise it is contagious!

Spread Positivity - Joyful Activity Ideas from Our Community

Clockwise from the top left:

@mommylife.bestlife: "Arts and crafts, in particular, this rainbow we created for our front door to boost morale 🌈❤" "This was our favorite activity so far!"

@msdockristenc: "Chalking our neighborhood! Trying to stay connected to others while practicing social distancing. I'm a pediatrician and still taking care of patients."

@spyder_girl_sixx: “I’ve been doing random things for our neighborhood - like buying extra chalk for kiddos who might not have and putting it out on the porch for them to grab. Making painted trinkets and hiding them for the kids to find on walks - just doing a little extra to bring a smile Is what brings me joy 💕”

Get Crafty

Tap into your inner child or join the kids! Whether you’re doing arts & crafts with the littles or picking up a paintbrush for the first time in 20 years, give yourself a chance to slow down. Nothing feels better than having the time to do something you haven't been able to do in a long time. Plus, there’s always a piece of art you can gift or keep and a whole lot of fun that comes out of any crafty project.

Get Crafty - Joyful Activity Ideas from Our Community

Clockwise from the top left:

@Nikkis_fab_nails: “Painting!!”

@courtingtheextraordinary: “Made a stuffy with my daughter by cutting up one of her old cute outfits with a cute decal on it. We cut/ tied strips around the edge and stuffed it with strips of an old T-shirt. I’m not even crafty!!”

@kbella88_: “I’ve been spending time getting creative and drawing and painting”

 @_rissa_loves_: “Nails! Doing my nails and creating little bits of nail art brings me joy.”


Crush Dreams

Maybe this time at home has postponed your dreams, but it sure has not canceled them. Take this time to build those good habits, figure out what you can do to set you on the right path, and give you the strongest running start for when we get back out there. This is what the #Next90Challenge is all about! Even if it’s training in a different way or learning something new online, you are still setting yourself up for major success!

Crush Dreams - Joyful Activity Ideas from Our Community

Clockwise from the top left:

@chris.sherry: “I’ve been a bass player for ten years but always say I don’t have the time to master some of the skills I’ve been desperate to learn while raising three kids. I’m using this time to really sit down and work on the things I’ve been putting off (and banishing the feelings I have when I feel like I’m disappointing my bandmates by not practicing the things I know I need to)”

@erineverleigh: “Writing brings me joy...especially helping others (youth) so their writing and their dream of becoming an author. With all the time I have I can finally create the ‘Young Author Workshop’ I’ve been thinking about doing for so long…“

@leapinglambs: “I find joy in riding my bike. Nearly two years ago I started a women’s bike club, to encourage women to get out and ride. Since then, I’ve become one of just a few Raleigh bikes ambassadors, sharing my love of cycling. ❣️” 

@kaylee_anna4: “Simple yet profound joy - drinking morning hot tea and listening to music or a podcast to get in the mindset I want for the day 💗”

Move Your Body

Without a gym, it might be easy to make the excuse to not get in your exercise, but there are so many ways to get the blood pumping without a gym or workout class. Think: free online workouts, dance parties in the kitchen, or a walk in the park. Here are some ways our community members are also moving their bodies!

Crush Dreams - Joyful Activity Ideas from Our Community

Clockwise from the top left:

@jazzmkr: “My workout every day brings me all the joy. It gives joy, sweat, love, appreciation and it's fun! It lights my heart on fire, so I keep doing it. I can’t do it in a class setting right now - so I’ve been doing it in the middle of the street safely distanced from my neighbors”

@kat.tuffley: “I’m sweating on my birthday! 5k run + 300 bodyweight exercises”

@callmejoanie: ”I’m enjoying time with my family, hiking in nature. The dogs come too!”

@joyfulorderstyle: “I’m running and finding joy in hitting the roads. I just became a runner in February and was supposed to run my first 5k on April 4th. It’s been cancelled, but I’m still training and going for it!! Joy on the roads is a happy place for me!!”

Check out more ideas from our Facebook page and tag us in whatever you're doing that brings you JOY in this time!