Now More Than Ever is the Time to Choose Gratitude

Now more than ever, let’s practice gratitude. 

For many, this has been a scary, weird, unexpected time with so much happening in the world. While there are many different opinions, feelings, and unknowns out there, there is one thing we can all do to center ourselves: gratitude.

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Never forget to seek out the good things that make you happy, excited, and comforted in the times that are not so. Write it down on paper and make the words visible. Dig deeper into the smaller things.

It can be as simple as a nice, steamy shower or hearing the birds wake you up in the morning. It can be a fun, family game night, or a day without rush hour. The list goes on, but practicing gratitude is something that we can do every day to spread light into the world starting from your own life at home. 

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Gratitude especially lets us flip this perspective and look at our situation as an opportunity over inconvenience. Those people you know that work so hard at what they do get to recharge. The people that have abandoned their talents or favorite activities have the chance to pick them back up. The families that feel apart get to be together and make more memories. The people that need to heal get to do so without distraction. And maybe you are one of those people.

But nonetheless, this opportunity is for everyone to adjust to a more stable and sound lifestyle. We encourage everyone to start their day with gratitude because it is the nourishment we need to grow in this time the world is giving us. When this passes, we will all be a little more optimistic, stronger, resilient, and above all, more ourselves. For now, stay patient and keep finding the good. We got this. 

With gratitude,

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