How to Get "Un-Stuck" With Your Goals

When working toward a goal, it’s never one simple, clear path. There are windy roads with twists and turns. Sometimes, it leads us to a stop and we get stuck. Maybe we stay stuck because it seems daunting to go any other direction. Ever been in this position before? We’ve been there and it’s tough to get unstuck. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Revisit your vision board and goals 

Go one step further than thinking about your why. Look - and we mean really look - at your vision board and goals you wrote out. If you don’t have these, no problem. Spend some time writing down all those things you’ve had in your head for a bit. Seeing these goals and dreams visually helps to reignite the fire. Read: How To Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them.

  1. Change things up

It’s easy to get stuck when things feel mundane. Sometimes all you need is a little refresh to your habits and routines. If you’re doing something because you’ve always done it or it’s always worked, it’s not bad to try something different. In fact, the newness may spark new ideas or prove to work even better for you. Read: Habits To Build Into Your Routine to Look & Feel Your Best.

  1. Anticipate future roadblocks

We all get stuck and most of us have been stuck before. What helped you then? How can you prepare better for the next time? When you prep and arm yourself with knowledge, you feel more empowered to keep moving forward. Read: How To Simplify Healthy Habits to Live Your Best Life

  1. Remember your gratitude 
Sometimes, we forget to acknowledge what IS going for us when we feel like everything is against us. We love using our Start Today Journal to write out our gratitude every morning. Even in the midst of hard seasons, there’s joy to be found. Sign up to learn more about The RISE App coming Monday, August 10th to make gratitude a habit right from your phone!