How to Vision Cast with Kids

One of the most special things about kids is their ability to dream big. Do you ever think back on the dreams you had as a kid? The sky was the limit! As parents, it’s our job to help our children dream big. It may seem silly to help set goals if their goal is something along the lines of “own a puppy farm”, but what’s important is they understand they can achieve it if they believe it. Below is our advice for vision casting with kids!  

How to Vision Cast with Kids -

  • Simplify the dream
  • We don’t ever want to take away the innocence of big dreams! Though sometimes, it helps to guide your kids in simplifying big dreams into something more attainable. We suggest you intently listen to all the dreams they gush about, then pull out a few, tangible goals for them to work on.

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  • Help them envision it
  • Be sure to talk about their dreams in a way where they can visualize it. We suggest catering to your child’s needs; some may want to create a collage, some may need to draw it, some may need to act out what happens when they accomplish it. 

    Start Today Kids Journal -

  • Give them examples
  • Kids learn by example. If you can, bring them along on your goals as you work on them. Don’t simply talk to them about goals. Show them what it looks like to set a goal, work hard to achieve it, and then accomplish it.


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  • Write them out
  • A step to never miss when goal-setting is to physically write them out. We created the Start Today Kids Journal made especially for kids to help them dream big. Be sure to tag #starttodayjournal and @thestarttodaybrand when you