Simple Habits To Build Into Your Routine If You're Feeling Anxious

When we begin to worry, it’s likely that our bodies are so accustomed to feeling anxious that stress is the norm. For thousands of years, stress and anxiety were useful emotions to help humans quickly solve their way out of immediate problems. These days, anxiety has evolved to the point it’s become debilitating for people to achieve their goals or even go about their day-to-day life. So what can you do? Here are a few simple things you can do every day to lessen the stress and anxiety you’re feeling right now:

Simple Habits To Build Into Your Routine If You're Feeling Anxious Breathing -

Breathe in and out - deeply and slowly: Breathing is automatic to us, so sometimes we forget that it can be a powerful form of relieving stress. Try doing it with intention to bring calmness and focus to your body the next time you start to feel anxiety come on. You can do it in the form of laughing, yoga, or even try these techniques.

Simple Habits To Build Into Your Routine If You're Feeling Anxious -

Focus on the things you can control: The fear of the unknown might cause us to have more anxiety than we anticipate. If you’re worrying over things you can’t control right now, put your attention on the things you can.

For example, you might not be certain how long a particular goal may take to accomplish, but you can track the amount of time you’re spending towards it to see if you’re making traction. You might not feel in control of the world around you,  but you can take ownership of the space around you by cleaning and organize what's yours. (Here are 6 ways to stay organized!)

Focusing on the things you can control might not solve immediate problems, but it will bring more clarity and certainty to help you problem-solve and get a grip on what’s real versus what’s made up. 

Simple Habits To Build Into Your Routine If You're Feeling Anxious -

Write down your feelings: When you start feeling worried, build dedicated time into your routine to write down what you’re feeling in a notebook. While someone might not be able to understand, many people have found journaling a form of self-care to release their worries from their mind to paper. Great thing is that you’ll have a point of reference 

Feeling Anxious? Move Your Body! -

 Move your body: There are so many benefits to moving your body, but one of our favorite benefits is that it helps relieve stress and anxiety almost instantly. If you’re not in the mood to workout right now, try these exercises. If you’re hoping to change up your workout routine right now, here are a few we love. Be sure to sign up and learn about the RISE App coming early August!

Start Today Journal -

 Read through your Start Today Journal: One of the beautiful things about keeping a gratitude journal is remembering all the things you were grateful for in your life. If you haven’t done this before, try spending some time to flip through the pages of your journal. Hopefully, it reminds you of all the little things you’re appreciating right now to shift your perspective and find gratitude.