How You Can Still Cross Off Your 5 to Thrive from Home

With the world slowly changing our lifestyles, there’s one thing we can all keep constant: our 5 to Thrive. If you don’t know what this is, read up on it here

These five essentials are here to help put you at your best, so you can accomplish your goals in any environment. Staying at home doesn't mean your goals are paused. It doesn’t mean that your dreams aren't destined to happen. It means we can adapt our routines and show ourselves there are many winding paths to reach our goals. It means that by holding onto the basics, we can still find ourselves at our best for the grind and hustle at home. 

Here are some tips to maintain your 5 to Thrive practice at home!

How You Can Still Cross Off Your 5-to-Thrive from Home -

Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water:

  • Always keep water next to your bedside. Drink it right after you get up, so you can rehydrate your body!
  • Set a timer every hour to remind yourself to drink water.
  • Get a clear water bottle that shows you how much you’ve already consumed at different hours of the day! 

Wake Up 5 to Thrive -

Wake up one hour earlier:

  • Find a fun activity that will motivate you to get up!
  • Use your favorite song as an alarm or play our energizing playlist early in the morning. 
  • Get in bed earlier!

P.S. We've also explained in detail how to wake up earlier in this post.

Move Your Body 5 to Thrive -

Workout for 30 minutes:

  • Immerse yourself in nature away from the gym!
  • Plan a workout with a friend using a free workout video.
  • Dedicate a space in your home to move your body. 

Gratitude 5 to Thrive -

Practice daily gratitude:

  • Set your heart on the little things.
  • Take a gratitude walk by yourself and reflect on what you were grateful for a few weeks ago in your Start Today Journal.
  • Practice your gratitude at the same time and place every day in your home. 

Eat Healthy 5 to Thrive -

Eat healthy:

  • Research recipes with an alternative and plan out your meals with our free meal prep printables.
  • Freeze your healthy proteins, fruits, and greens, so you can use them longer.
  • Put up the unhealthier food at the top of your pantry - out of reach!